segunda-feira, 30 de junho de 2014

"Jardim do Éden" | "Garden of Eden"

Tourmaline Stranded Lemon Quartz Gravels with Silver and Garnet clasp. The human condition always gives us opportunities to choose a meaningful, conscious life. The Garden of Eden can therefore be felt not in dreams and illusions, but in authenticity – when we live our lives according to our essences and inner Truth. Lemon quartz gravels in this necklace represent the natural shapes of the material world, and also the beautiful moments of vital energy we can build our roads upon, whenever we choose our paths from an authentic perspective. Black tourmaline strands in the gravels honor our family systems, reminding us of the efforts of our ancestors that allow our lives to be plentiful in health and happiness. The garnet in the center of the silver clasp symbolizes the essence of the heart that dances in all directions when life is lived from the sources of Self.

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